Best Free WordPress Captcha Plugins

Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

CAPTCHA is an amazing technology which differentiate between humans and machines. Thanks to this technology, that we can protect our WordPress blogs by automated queries which are commonly known as spam. We are going to share best free WordPress CAPTCHA plugins in this post.

You can see the working example of CAPTCHA at our contact page where we have protected our form with the help of Google reCAPTCHA technology by using the built-in integration of Contact Form 7 plugin. If you are using Contact Form 7 plugin than you can implement reCAPTCHA without using any extra plugin.

CAPTCHA adds an extra layer of security on the web forms of blog. Automated comments and other queries will be blocked after adding this security layer of CAPTCHA. We recommend to approve your comments manually even after adding CAPTCHA plugin to your blog.

You should also install and activate the Akismet plugin on your blog. Akismet will help you against the spammy comments. So, the spammers who can pass the CAPTCHA test will be blocked by Akismet plugin. You will need a free API key for the functioning of Akismet plugin.

For your review here is the quick sum up to protect your blog against spam,

  • Add CAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA) to the registration, login, password recovery and comments forms of your blog.
  • Use Akismet plugin that will help you in protecting against spammy comments by humans.
  • Always approve your comments manually.

Free WordPress Captcha Plugins

Fortunately, it is very easy to implement CAPTCHA on WordPress blogs with the help of best free WordPress CAPTCHA plugins. By focusing the latest trend of reCAPTCHA, we are going to list following two best free CAPTCHA plugins. Let have a look on these best plugins to protect the registration, login, password recovery and comments forms of your WordPress blog.


free wordpress captcha plugins no captcha recaptcha

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is one of the best among free WordPress captcha plugins. You can protect your WordPress blog with this amazing plugin. It also protects BuddyPress registration forms.

You can easily add Google reCAPTCHA to the WordPress login, registration and comments forms by using this plugin. It protects your blog against spam. You can choose CAPTCHA theme. It also detects user language automatically.


Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft

free wordpress captcha plugins google captcha

This is another best WordPress plugin to implement Google reCAPTCHA into forms. You can protect comments forms, login, registration and password recovery forms by using this WordPress plugin. It also supports Google reCAPTCHA themes.

This plugin is available in many different languages. According to its author, they are more than happy to handle support queries for their plugin.


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