Radical Documentation

Getting Started

After activating your theme, visit the Customizer under Appearance → Customize to set up the basic theme settings, custom header, site logo or custom menu.

Site Logo

Go to Customizer → Site Identity to add your site logo.

Theme Options

You’ll find Radical’s theme options in the Customizer, under Customizer → Theme Options.

General Options

You’ll find Radical’s theme general options in the Customizer, under Customizer → Theme Options → General Options.

1. Main Sidebar Position (If Active)

Radical displays the main sidebar on the right or left side, as long as it contains widgets.

Theme Support

You’ll find Radical’s theme support options in the Customizer, under Customizer → Theme Options → Theme Support.

Featured Images

Radical supports Featured Images on blog posts and static pages. Featured Images appear near the title on the blog index and archive pages. For best results, use an image at least 730px wide and 836px high.

If you upload larger Featured Images or images with different proportions, they will be automatically resized to match the required dimensions.

Add a Custom Header Image

Add a Custom Header image by going to Customizer → Header Image. Your uploaded image should be at least 150px tall. The width should be at least 1920px to provide a crisp background.

Custom Menus

Radical allows you to have one Custom Menus, which can be set under Customizer → Menus.

Select Primary Menu location in the Menu Settings to display Custom Menu in the header.

Widget Areas

Radical comes with one widget area in the sidebar. The sidebar widget area will activate once you add widgets to it in Customizer → Widgets.